GREAT Campus: simplifying your routine is the center of the project

The Park’s services have been created to satisfy the need of those who live and work on Campus. The quality of life and work is the most important thing to us.


A project with people at the center

           … the parks can break down the barriers between the university and the world of business, creating an environment that favors the commercialization of Research and Development and the creation of new business opportunities. Big corporations can enjoy the parks as a natural living space and it is important that a park is situated conveniently close to residential zones and equipped with services that assure the standard of living that is expected by companies for their employees.

Peter Why, president of the International Association of Scientific Parks (IASP) from 1998 to 2000

The Park’s services have been designed to take care of the needs of the workers and residents of the Campus. All the users’ needs, such as research, study, work or free time will be catered to by the Park’s design. There will be infrastructure to create a city with green spaces, services and recreational areas to achieve a living and welcoming neighborhood. It will be efficient and interesting with advanced planning, solutions and modern technology to give life to a smart, sustainable city. High standards of living and a capacity to initiate development of productive networks. Services to make your life outside of work as easy and convenient as possible.